Hi, my name is Leo Howarth and I’m from England. Since I was very young, my passion has always been football. I love playing it, but most of all, I love watching European football matches, especially the Premier League.

It has always been my goal to do something related to football, and today I can say that I’m achieving it through this blog that I have started with a lot of passion. Writing and publishing any type of information or news related to football is something that I deeply like.

That’s why Hednesford FC was born. A project that started as a hobby a few years ago, but today has become an effort and a personal achievement. I try to provide the most verified information about any team or a specific player, or any news or scoop related to the world of football.

Through this blog, I will be publishing everything related to football, the players, teams, managers, and more, at different competitions around the world, especially the most important ones like La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, and the Bundesliga. Besides, you will also know everything about international competitions like the Champions League, the Europa League, and more.