3 Facts about Hednesford Town F.C. Every Supporter Should Know

Being a fan of Hednesford Town F.C. isn’t just a passion, it is a way of living! If you consider yourself a fan of this team, you should definitely know these facts:

The Beginning

The Hednesford Town Football Club was one of the founding members of the Birmingham and District League in 1889. The team played on that league for a short period of time, just two seasons. Even though they finished third on the league, they left it at the end of the 1890-1891 season.

The club got the second place in this league, right before the league changed its name to the Walsall and District League in 1897.

A Bit Of Story

The club originally played behind the Anglesey Hotel, but in 1904 they had to move to the Cross Keys ground. After that, the club moved again, but now to Keys Park. They ended first on the league in the 1950–51 campaign. The following season, in the 1952-53 season, they finished as second. After that, the team came back to be part of the Birmingham and District League.

In 1972, the club became part of the Midland League. In the 1991–92 season, Hednesford Town was promoted to the Premier Division. In the 1994–95 campaign, they finished first on that league. After that, they were promoted to the Football Conference.

Which Awards Have They Won?

The team has won lots of awards, but the most famous are these ones: Their Best FA Trophy performance was in the 2003-04 campaign when they won the league. Their Best Welsh Cup performance was in 1991-92 season when they got the finals.

The players also won some awards while being on the team. For example, the team player with most appearances was Kevin Foster, with 470 and the team player with most goals was Joe O’Connor, with 220.

If you consider yourself a true supporter of Hednesford Town Football Club, then you must not forget these facts!