Write for Us

Hednesford FC is a blog open to any kind of opinions on football. Whatever I say or write isn’t the only truth, that’s why in Hednesford FC you can also express yourself. Even if your opinion is totally different from others, you can say whatever you want, as long as you have arguments, of course!.

Also, this blog wants to go a step further. Hednesford FC has grown so much and it’s thanks to you guys. We have won an excellent number of followers and readers who always want more information, news, and opinions about football in general.

So, I will not be the only person who can post something on this blog. Now you can also write for us, and I will publish it without hesitation. This is the perfect opportunity for every football lover like me who has that journalistic-vein and wants to develop it or work with it.

You only have to contact me through the mail or the phone number that I provided, and you only need to give your location, your basic information, and why you are interested in this opportunity. Now, you can also help this blog grow even more. Also, you can see your articles published here and help us gain more experience and followers.